There has been a farm at Honkavaara since the 1600s, but the current buildings date from about 1850. When Elias Lönnrot of Kalevala fame stayed here on his travels it served as an Inn, and later housed the local post and telegraph office. During WW2 troops and evacuees were billeted here. 

The farm has passed through many hands in its long history. Tarja, your hostess and the current owner, is a grand-daughter of the Toivanen family who came to the farm in 1960.

The farm history is full of stories both happy and tragic, not to mention hauntings. And there is a family legend which whispers of hidden treasure.

In 1990 the buildings were abandoned, becoming rather dilapidated, with most of the roofs collapsing. Tarja and Manuel took over the farm in 1997 and began the seemingly hopeless task of restoration, with no end in sight. The restaurant was opened in 1999, and no end in sight here, either!

The farm outbuildings house a small museum exhibiting tools from times gone by.