Honkavaaran Perinnepihan tilausravintola palvelee ympäri vuoden. Tule ja koe itäsuomalaisen 1800-luvun puolivälissä rakennetun pihapiirin kiireetön tunnelma ja Suhmuran Santran ystävällinen palvelu (talon emäntä valittu Santraksi 2004). Tarjoamme erinomaiset puitteet juhlille, kokouksille ja ryhmämatkaajile.




"Perinnepiha pysäyttää kiireen" -juttu YLE:n sivuilla


We can offer meeting facilities for groups of 10-50. Meals and additional services by arrangement. Basic equipment includes flapboard, overhead projector, screen, CD-player, and wireless Internet connection free of charge.

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Private functions

We can seat groups of up to 100 with 50 places in the main dining room, and another 50 in side rooms. We are fully licensed to serve wines and spirits, including our own berry wines, while Chilean wines are a house speciality. The choice of menu is yours, be it traditional Karelian Buffet or African cuisine. 

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The Restaurant is open for private functions throughout the year by arrangement. The restaurant is fully licensed.

Additional Services

A summer day: Country walk, Visit to Honkavaara Tsasouna (Orthodox Chapel). Lunch at Honkavaara Heritage Farm
Game of Kyykkä (traditional Karelian outdoor game somewhat resembling English skittles)

A winter day: Snow-shoeing. Lunch at Honkavaara Heritage Farm. Visit to the Tsasouna